About us



Auxilia2000 d.o.o. was established in Ljubljana, in response to the needs of Italian entrepreneurs in search of a consultancy company, which could offer them assistance in the quest for new business opportunities in Slovenia and, most importantly, which would then be permanently present in situ to support them in the starting-up and in the management of the new investments.
In order to meet the more and more dynamic market demands, Auxilia2000 has then widened the range of its support and consultancy services, also including within its area of interest other neighbouring countries such as Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Czech and Slovak Republics, Serbia and Romania.

Our aim has always been to provide a comprehensive and personalised support to entrepreneurs and investors, so as to allow them to only focus on their own core business. Precisely to ensure this, over the years Auxilia2000 has accomplished to create a synergy between Italian professionals and local partners (attorneys, accountants tax consultants and marketing experts). And finally, the careful supervision of the Italian management guarantees the carrying out of the assignments according to and in full compliance with the needs, the style and the desires [vision] of the client.


The foundation of our expertise:
• Long-standing experience gained over 30 years of business and management consultancy, originally begun as support to one of the leading Italian Corporations present in Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Czech Republic, and afterwards broadened by extending the assistance services to other Italian companies, operative in a wide range of different sectors;
• Hands-on domain knowledge of the specific features of the territories in which we operate, integrated with a proven experience in matter of regional, national and European regulations, as well as of macro-economic dynamics;
• A team boasting several decades of experience, composed of experts who combine the Italian managing style together with the local perspectives, thus guaranteeing the utmost adherence to our Clients’ directives and, at the same time, the harmonization of their modus operandi towards the local contest;
• Wide and well-established network of trustworthy external partners, both Italian and Foreign, able to offer the utmost professionality required for the provision of personalised support and 360° assistance;
• Strong collaboration with the main institutions and diplomatic bodies (Embassies, Consulates, Agencies and Organizations for the International Trade, Ministries, local Administrations, etc.)

The creation of a synergy among these points allowed us to develop over the years an excellent competence in acting as business and cultural mediators, that is to say, creating a bridge between the most diverse entrepreneurial needs and the most ambitious projects for the expansion of the International business.