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Auxilia2000 d.o.o. is a consultancy firm with nearly 20 years of experience in offering 360° support to small, medium and large companies, wishing to expand their activities towards Eastern Europe, with a special focus on Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Hungary.

Where we operate




• company establishment, acquisitions and due diligence
• legal support and fiscal assistance
• administration and accountancy
• business management, audit and control


• market analysis and feasibility studies
• drafting of business plan
• financing and business partnering
• personnel recruitment and research for partners and consultants


• translations and interpreting
• marketing, advertising, graphic solutions, connectivity
• organization of fairs and events
• logistic support
• on-demand & personalised services

Our clients and partners

Over the years already several prestigious companies – both small and large enterprises, operating in a wide range of different sectors and, therefore, with deeply dissimilar needs – chose to rely on our support, on the assistance we have been offering with growing enthusiasm year after year.

Our operative philosophy is in fact based on the firm belief that the acquired experience shall not be considered as an unproductive asset, but rather a resource to be reinvested by making it available to whoever needs it.

Why choose AUXILIA 2000

Because our presence on the field allows us an in-depth knowledge of the economy and of the legal framework regulating each different country within which we operate, and, most importantly, of the customs and practices that often establish the specific procedures and operativity of each system.

Because our team includes professionals with proven long-standing experience, coming from different sectors and well-established in the respective territories, working together under the coordination of the Italian Management: the ultimate aim of our thoroughly qualified team is to combine at best our Clients’ needs and the peculiarities of the markets they are interested in.

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